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2021 - 2022

In the middle of 2021, Storm designed a jewelry from original painting illustrations. To keep the pieces handmade and locally created, Storm worked with the NYC artists Mox and Mohawk of Madly Made. Together they worked to hand cut each design out in brass and stainless steel. Then Storm teamed up with her West Village jeweler to create rubber molds of the brass pieces. Individually, the molds were then filled with sterling silver and solid 14k gold. New and vintage chains were curated by Storm, creating unique pieces for online sales, custom orders, and eventually showcased at Storm Ritter Galleries.

The designs were originally painted with ink and leather on paper artisan paper, eventually framing for sale. The designs consist of symbolic motifs found in Storm's 2022 surrealist fine art collection. Esoteric adornments were created to bring magical energy in pendants, earrings, and metal pins.


At the 2022 solo show Cirque of The Cool People and the Storm Ritter Gallery (2022-23) a framed piece of "Adornments" was on display on the wall. The pieces were also sold separately with a variation of chain and earring options.