...Just a F*cking Cool Female and Feline. 
I'm an ambidextrous artist, designer, and business owner of Storm Ritter, Inc., in NYC. Paint brushes always in hand, my cat Velvet and I currently work at our private studio in the West Village. 

2019-2022, I've focused on my fine art series,
Realm of The Cool People. The past years I've been showing in NYC galleries, catering to apparel/canvas commissions, running my e-commerce sales, minting NFTs, and prepping to launch visual publications into 2023. 

2015, I opened my first brick-and-mortar storefront,
Storm Ritter Studio in Greenwich Village. The art studio and retail shop featured my original apparel and fine art. During this time I solidified my motif, The Cool People, which sparked identity in my work.After successful years, I closed shop in 2019 and opened my new corporation, Storm Ritter, Inc.

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