HEY! HO! LET'S GO! I've been living in NYC for almost ten years now, and WHAT. A. GAS! Paint brushes in hand and vinyls spinning round, my cat Velvet and reside at our home studio in the West Village.

I live and breathe creativity and color, my friend! All about visual experiences while dressing the real life characters. I'm an ambidextrous painter with a past in theatrical design, tv/film production, and fashion styling. Thanks to NYU and a short gig at SNL, life has been all about the ride.


In 2015, I opened my first storefront, Storm Ritter Studio in Greenwich Village. The studio and retail shop featured my original apparel and artwork. Now I've focused to bring all the coolness to you online. Crazy times, am I right?!

From canvas to clothing, I design and paint funky-brilliant stuff. Savvy with a camera and laptop, I solely spearhead this site (oh yeah!) and provide content creation for and other brands, people, and productions. 

When I'm not on the artist hustle, I am running by the pier, bingeing technicolor shows, and browsing for yet another Monkees concert tee. Big into researching history, writing, and feeding my brain on the daily. 

Inviting you to shop my work, peep the portfolio, and drop me a line introducing your bad self! 

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