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Storm Ritter is an New York City based fine artist, ambidextrous painter, designer, and business owner of Storm Ritter, Inc. She has cultivated her own style of surrealist fine art, specializing in canvas, murals, custom apparel, and artist merchandise.

Her career launched in 2015 when she opened her first retail storefront,
Storm Ritter Studio, featuring original fashion & studio art. As of 2023, Storm managed the Storm Ritter Gallery in Meatpacking, NYC, showcasing her collection of fine art. Currently, she is opening a new gallery in June, actively working in studio, & executing sales with in-person clients & online commerce. 



As of May 23', Storm is running her pop-up gallery at 821 Washington Street in New York City. Early June, she will open a new gallery location at 38 Little West 12th Street in Meatpacking. From September '22 to May '23, Storm ran the brick-and-mortar Storm Ritter Gallery at 807 Washington St., NYC, showcasing her 2022-23 collection of fine art, original fashion, artisan jewelry, & art merchandise. The gallery doubled as an active studio for Storm, allowing her to grow her body of work with paintings on wood, canvas, frames, & mirrors. During the nine month run, Storm held five events at the gallery featuring the updated collection, artist talks, philanthropic silent auctions and merchandise drops. February '22, she was featured in The Villager in print and online for her impact in the New York City gallery world. During this time, Storm also showed in five group gallery shows in Soho and around Meatpacking, growing connections with artists and galleries locally. With her collaborative residency with Gallery 23 NY, she joined their non-profit team to contribute efforts in creating arts workshops for kids and raising funds for city-beautifying murals. In April 2023, Storm was honored at the NY's Girl Scouts Gala receiving an award for her arts teaching volunteer work from the past three years, with plans to continue meetings in the Fall.