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About The Artist 

Storm Ritter is a New York City based fine artist, ambidextrous painter, garment designer, and business owner of Storm Ritter, Inc. She has cultivated her own style of surrealist fine art, specializing in fine art paintings, murals, custom apparel, and artist merchandise.

Her intent as a painter and human is to visualize the magical worlds of her soul; furthermore, to transfer her nostalgia stylistically onto canvas. Storm's evolving body of work is focused on emotional storytelling through the use of her specific color palette (dictated by music) and organically-created esoteric imagery. Personal enlightenment and ethereal escapism for the artist and the viewer is the mission. 

After graduating from NYU, her career launched in 2015 when she opened her first retail storefront, Storm Ritter Studio, featuring original fashion & studio art. Since 2022, Storm has run two Storm Ritter Galleries in Meatpacking located at 807 Washington Street and 38 Little West 12th Street, NYC


Art & Business Timeline



Gallery, Fine Art, Studio Production

January to May 2023, Storm continued to operate her brick-and-mortar Storm Ritter Gallery at 807 Washington St., NYC, featuring her 2022 collection of fine art, original fashion, artisan jewelry, & art merchandise. February 2023, she was featured in The Villager in print and online for her impact in the New York City gallery world. The gallery doubled as an active studio for Storm, allowing her to grow her 2023 body of work with paintings on wood, canvas, frames, & mirrors. Storm held five events at the gallery featuring the updated collection, artist talks, philanthropic silent auctions and merchandise drops.

In April 2023, Storm was honored at the NY's Girl Scouts Gala receiving an award for her arts teaching volunteer work from the past three years. In March, Storm collaborated with the NFT company, OrangeHare, releasing an exclusive NFT with featured interview.
Storm showed in group gallery shows in Soho and around Meatpacking. With her collaborative residency with Gallery 23 NY, she joined their non-profit team to contribute efforts in creating arts workshops for kids and raising funds for city-beautifying murals. 

May to August 2023, Storm opened her second gallery location in Meatpacking NYC with G23NY at
38 Little West 12th Street. Open daily, the gallery doubled as a studio space for clients to view the available collection and in-progress work. Over twenty new pieces were created at the location, and four gallery evening events were held. September 2023, Storm closed her public Meatpacking location to prepare the opening of her private art studio in Greenwich Village in 2024.



Fine Art, Gallery, Mural

January to February 2022, Storm completed a 60-foot commissioned building mural titled, Age Of The Cool People in Dunedin, Florida at Blur Nightclub. The final piece became the foundation for her 2022 fine art collection, also providing design elements for NFTs and merchandise.

From March to August 2022, Storm focused on expanding her collection of  studio art, while designing & locally manufacturing artisan jewelry. In turn, Storm continue to expand her collection of limited edition artist prints, small accessible paintings, cater to custom painted apparel orders, and continue her tattoo practice with local clients. With TMJ Arts Collective, Storm participated in various live painting events and group shows in Soho throughout the summer.

September 2022, Storm opened her second solo show, Cirque of The Cool People at 807 Washington St. in Meatpacking, NYC with
Gallery23NY. The exhibition included 40+ paintings, art prints, artisan jewelry, custom painted clothing, and printed t-shirts. Her showcased was immediately featured in NY's Up Magazine. After the month solo show run, the space was transformed into 9-month residency, Storm Ritter Gallery running from September 2022 into May of 2023.



Fine Art, Gallery, Murals, Production

January 2021, Storm completed a large indoor mural featuring The Cool People inside of Blur Nightclub in Dunedin, Florida. From February onward, Storm worked from her West Village home studio painting her 2021 collection.

Spring in Greenwich Village, Storm showed in multiple group gallery shows with local curators TMJ Arts Collective and NY Arts Empire, including live painting days outsides on Greene Street with Soho Art Walks. Storm continued to work from her home studio and began tattooing clients with her signature, The Cool People. Summer, Storm focused heavily on fine art in studio, preparing for her solo show in the Fall. 

In October '21, Storm opened her fine art exhibition,
Realm of The Cool People with Gallery 23 NY at 34 Little West 12th Street, NYC. The show successfully ran into December 2021 and multiple gallery evening events were held, including a workshop with NYC Girls Scouts.  

November 2021, she launched her NFT career working with NYC's 
Pollinate and participated in NYC's Crypto Art Fair in Times Square, landing a successful feature in Forbes. In December, Storm was featured at Miami Art Week with three NFTs, represented by Pollinate. 

December 2021, Storm established a collaboration with the local Lower East Side band, Bad Vacation  for a philanthropic apparel drop raising funds for
Road Recovery. Catering to apparel commissions for individual clients and Netflix shows, Storm focused on garment painting and website growth at the home studio.