All fashion begins and ends as artwork. Wearable art comes in many forms. At Storm Ritter Studio (2015-18) I designed original textiles based on specific artwork. The fabric was that digitally printed in bulk yardage, from cotton to satin. We then on-site manufactured one of a kind apparel. When I work with textile design, it's all about taking the most divine moment of a painting or illustration and envisioning it on the body. Every design has a concept and title, as everything should tell a story. 


Painted apparel is not far off from my printed collections. A jacket or t-shirt can act as a gorgeous canvas for the body, especially when directly created with paint and brush. From jackets to shoes, painted fashion allows me produce a piece with a truly, authentic feel. It's about creating a new heirloom and something unique that embodies spirit. From color explosions to The Cool People, the range of painted apparel has been endless! Custom painted fashion has been a hot trend many a'time, but I find it to be something that is classically cool and ages with impeccable value. It's artwork you are wearing - how cool is that?