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Fine Art 2021 - 24

Storm Ritter's current body of work is inspired by her experience with synesthesia married with her ambidextrous painting style. Music conducts the color palette, while simultaneously painting with both hands to organically develop the composition. Working on multiple different pieces at the same time, in rotation, allows Storm to cater to all emotions and color associations from music. Nostalgic and Jungian dream-like visuals come to fruition through her spiritual paintings.

Storm has prolifically developed a surrealist style lenient on her curated color palette and esoteric themes. She has been slowly visualizing her own universe where The Cool People take a featured role. Using latex paint and acrylic based leather paint, she sculpts texture with brushes. Storm often uses aging techniques on finished canvases, influenced from her experience in theatrical scenic painting. The pieces appear to have existed long before their birth, giving an old world quality to her final works. 

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