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Mean Girls On Broadway

2018 - 2020

At the end of 2017 at Storm Ritter Studio, Storm was hired to designed a few iconic garments for the character Janis Ian in Mean Girls On Broadway. Her village street style aligned with the energy of the eccentric, rebellious character. The show open in April 2018 at August Wilson Theatre and closed in March 2020. Storm continued to reproduce the garments in bulk for the National Tour up to 2022. 

The garments were handmade in bulk and hand painted with Storm. With her history in theatrical scenic design at NYU Tisch School of the Arts as well as her costume design work at Saturday Night Live, this was a gratifying, full circle moment. 

Costume Legacy

The garments were seen daily on stage, on street billboards, NYC tour buses, and in promo press videos. The original textiles in the garments are based on paintings by Storm and the textiles now exclusively have rights with Mean Girls and Storm Ritter Studio. Fans of the show have been seen recreating the yellow tank top in costume and tribute art to the character.

Storm built a friendship with Mary Kate Morrissey who the carried on the role on Broadway and in the National Tour. She has provided personal painted garments for her as well as fine art for her home.

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