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A noun, an adjective, an interjection, a verb, or an adverb, Fuck's got it all going on in the english language. I am not into censorship, but I do have couth in how I present information. Profane language is intellectual and idiotic simultaneously. It's something you have to really learn and have the ability to navigate if you want to be a servant of slang. It's powerful in the right way when you're attaching it to actually caring about something. Because remember, caring is fucking cool. And we can delve into a massive conversation on the pros and cons of using the word in your daily language, but at the end of the day, sometimes you just have to say FUCK!

Sometimes when things get bad--especially these mental days--saying fuck this or that can be the resolution. I am NOT promoting your to go out and be a negative asshole, but in my experience its HUMAN! It's flawed and funny and reeks of emotion to use the word. It can be an unifying ice breaker or just a slip of the tongue showcasing you're not perfect. Maybe when we are kids we are encouraged not to say it because 1. it's dirty and 2. you're not mentally at the point where you can really register WHEN to use it or even why? I don't know, call me out however you like, but I know, when the chips are down and I need a laugh or a shake up, FUCK - it's okay to be real. It's cool to NOT be perfect. It's cool to embrace the fuck-ups and to acknowledge that change is needed. That's seems to be thee key to growth. So, FUCK!!! Nothing brings a chuckle or smile quicker than having something that says fuck on it.

I've created an ABUNDANT amount of clothing to canvas with this design and vibe, and currently what's available to shop are buttons, mini skirts (sizes S-L) and an original canvas painting. As always, a special order is just a message away!

The HIGHLIGHT of the image was when during the election I ran a Fuck Trump campaign in our shop window, flashing the image on retro TV's and using a custom textile to show our disdain for Donald Trump. 2016 was the year of Fuck really hit it big. For a small four-lettered word, it causes quite a commotion. And, Spike Lee ended up using a image of the front of our shop during a montage on civil rights/activism for his Netflix show, She's Gotta Have It. So that was fucking cool.

I first created the fuck design circa 2015 in my sketchbook -- first page too -- that does sets the tone for every sketchbook you start. With that, I carried on to do a series of canvases with it, as well as launch a line of textiles and merch with the trippy design. Basically this FUCK represented an uncontainable amount of emotion. And I believe that the simple image empowers and gives people cred or a feeling of strength. You can't mess with me - I know my power, kinda feel.

This is a cute little 2015 video of me painting one of my Fuck canvas paintings. Kitschy, fun, and totally focused. I am so thankful I archived so much of my life for the past ten years because looking back, it teaches me so much about myself. If you're not investing a little bit of your time printing out your photos from your phone (seriously CVS or Walgreens does the trick and it doesn't cost a dime) or making sure you have your visual and written archives in check, I'd advise it tenfold! Marie Kondo does have something about keeping shit that sparks joy, but remember, keep things that will spark joy for your FUTURE self or others. ;)

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