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To elevate is akin to evolution. The first 2022 collection of e-commerce products is jewelry. A luxurious way to showcase my themes on a new accessible level.


After the success of the past few jewelry pieces created in 2021, one of my goals was to expand. New jewelry was designed in painting format, then hand-cut in brass & stainless steel, molded, and cast in sterling silver and 14k gold. All locally in New York. The new collection is a highlight of my style; what I design is what I would wear.

Adornment of the body and soul is where my personal style spawns, so these new pieces are the perfect addition to showcase an edgy spirituality we all own. Jewelry has been a constant passion in my life. Growing up I would actively go to estate sales specially to score antique and quality jewelry. I build quite a collection of memories. Jewelry is made of metal and stone, all housing energy. More than clothing, jewelry are the ultimate heirlooms.

The Sun pendant necklace was designed based on one of the elements from Age Of The Cool People, The concept was reinvented in new canvas work as well as NFTs.

An additional artist pin was added to the collection in hard enamel and in antique gold mixed metal. The original design was initially intended to be a pendant, but I switched course during the design process.

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