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cool to be a rookie

I've been painting on canvas, clothing, walls, and people's bods for a long time. At the end of 2020, I acquired a tattoo gun and was reborn, a rookie. Nothing is more exciting than being a novice at a craft; the only way to go is up. From grapefruits to pumpkins, I spent the first two months of 2021 inking The Cool People visuals. Researching needle sizes, techniques, and sanitary practices, I built up the confidence to experiment on real humans. And of course, my first two volunteers were my mom and dad (confirming their bad ass titles.)

I have a long way to go, but I'm beyond jazzed to jump into this journey. It feels like my first creative, non-competitive hobby. For me, tattooing The Cool People on bodies is. spiritual experience, each created on the spot. I don't really plan to tattoo anything that isn't my own artwork, and I'm focused on slowly learning. Process is where the divine is found, and wow this new process is beyond for me. Grateful to many friends who are letting me inject magic into their skin. Cheers.

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