cure the blues

Whether it's paint or food, I'm also potion brewing. Cooking up a magical transformation is my bag, baby. Concoctions of color, ooh child. Ran a few errands around the village, including a paint restock –– nothing beats mile work-out carrying multiple quarts of paint from Ace Hardware (cue a Rocky-fists-in-the-air-celebration.) During this mission however, I did snag some frozen and fresh blueberries to whip up a refreshing treat with a splash (you want it to freeze!) of some church wine left over from earlier this week. The blue-purple color palette matched my blues-y mood today and help to bring a little nostalgia to my evening.

Quick recap of the snack: blend together fresh or frozen blueberries, a splash of red wine (you want it to freeze,) large drip of honey, squeeze of lemon juice, and a solid amount of (greek) yogurt. Freeze it up and devour. Seriously refreshing--and as usual associatively inspiring.

Blueberries are so transformative as they start blue, then turn purple. What kind of black magic is that?! Purple dye all over the place. You know, purple is a color representing magic and mystery. Interestingly enough, I RARELY use purple in my art. It almost has a taste for me and a sensation that is so vastly different from other colors. My house in FL is a fairy dust purple and I almost feel like it's a spirit/human in itself so it's not even a color choice. Colors are connected with numbers in my head, and all numbers have a partner. For example, blues hues appear as 5 and alters as it increases or combines with other numbers. Purple doesn't have a number but just sheer emotion and taste, so maybe that's why. Don't ask me to rationalize that. Regardless, decided to scroll through the archives to find past moments that embodies the purple/blue color schemes that I seem to avoid? Teaching lesson to myself and reminder to always keep the mind's eye open to new perspectives. And to question why the hell we think the way we do sometimes!

Purple haze, all in my brain. Quite literally. I have so much to talk about regarding Jimi and kissin' the sky. And maybe more about why I have so many ties with the color purple. It's something I plan to break down at some point. But that needs it's own post for sure. Regardless, I'll leave this here.

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