Dali & The Esoteric

Some of my individual pieces are directly influenced by the work of Surrealists—specifically Salvador

Dali. Surrealist work incorporated dreamlike or strange images or events while producing unnatural or irrational imagery, while often playing with unlikely juxtaposition and hyperbole. With connections with Absurdism and Anti-Art movements,

Surrealism uses esoteric symbolism with an enlightened sense of self according to Salvador Dali. In his autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, he not only includes his rebellious and eccentric persona as a child and precocious student life, but discusses his relationship with artist like Picasso, Miró, and Magritte who were involved in Cubism, Impressionism, and Futurism. Dali expresses his constant need to question everything surrounding him and to never be influenced by other’s perspective—but to use his own senses to perceive and create forms. Dali also wrote works like 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship to describe his process in finding meaning and his “happy” aesthetic. His avant-garde approach to intellectual thought made him appear as a daydreamer, but he was truly an enlightened human being. Dali had a keen sense of the self since youth, which translates over his work throughout the years. He always had an opinion,

but yearned to learn deeper truths about all he perceived.

Dali obsessively collected shells as a boy, and as his art evolved, shells became a motif in his paintings—depicting the golden ratio. The golden ratio is used to create and identify balanced aesthetics in harmonious proportion; it is an actual ratio used to create and identify balanced aesthetics in harmonious proportion; it is an actual ratio used to create visuals associated with divine beauty and truth. Surrealist work can utilize universal symbols to tell—or criticize--reality, but can also show the truths into human nature and the meaning of a undefined concept. The symbol of an egg is commonly seen and alludes to multiple interpretations of the human life cycle and the control humans have over life itself.

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