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divine (pink) punks

Recently listed online a painted 29x60" backdrop that I created at the studio a few years back. The loose canvas has history and has a raw quality about it. I jumped back and forth between titles of Divine Punks and Pink Punks. There is a strong rebellious energy about the piece and the colors are rich, lush, and to me, almost edible. Wonka-licious. The loose canvas was hung on the wall, simply nailed at the top. Adding color to the room, in inspired punk'd out forces in hues of vibrant, painted pink.

The loose canvas was photographed and digitally printed onto textile. We handmade each shirt in studio and launched a small collection of t-shirts. You can still shop the last few pieces of the run, here.

The divine energy and forward movement originated from how the painting was made. As an ambidextrous artist, I use both hands to paint The Cool People--right hand gives structure, left hand, emotion. When the textiles were designed, I had the forms moving upward, downward, and merging. People are individual but much more powerful in contrasts and unities.

I think the design rocks. It's just punk to me.

There are a few bodysuits left as well with the design, shop now! If you are buying the loose canvas -- man, is that cool. You have the original guide to a huge series of apparel. Meaning, you own something that affected other people's lives. Sometimes thinking on that kind of scale really can give you a sense of how we are all so interconnected.

There are more variations of The Cool People in pink hues. Pink and black together is awfully punk in my book, perhaps rooted from influence from Jimmy Webb, but it's more apparent to me now why this was such a consistent style in clothing and artwork the past years. Despite the association of pink and girls, its about being divinely punk, powerful, rebellious, and confidant. Really could be any gender, but again, art interpretations are up to you, baby!


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