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gallery of the bizarre

Honestly, this kind of press is so very me. Day after the show, we had a little gossip column mention in the NY Post. My series, Realm of The Cool People was rooted from my heart and soul. And those were cultivated from my friends and mentors over the past ten years. One in particular being, Frank Andrews. When I first moved to NYC, I met Frank through a strange occurrence of events which led me to join his for tea at his house on Mulberry St. Frank has been a psychic to the stars for years, and he offered to teach me tarot and palmistry on my spare time. Throughout my last years at NYU, I would go to Frank's house after classes and he'd spend an hour with me talking about astrology, mythology, esoteric practices, etc. I filled sketchbooks of info, which was even more strongly embedded in my head. Our friendship grew and learning from his expertise emphasized my understanding of spirituality.

Of course, Frankie came to my show, and his presence in unison with mine manifested this published gem. An honored to be mentioned with such iconic names. Although it wasn't a piece of press about my art, it solidified the essence of my being. Truly cool.

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