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As artists, we go through so many mental transformations. Unexpected moments shake up the soul. And humbling to realize how interconnected we are with all living things.

Found this gorgeous soul on the sidewalk, totally motionless on his side. His nimble legs, so weak! Swear he was passing, but with a little sugar water and song, he slowly pepped up. Spent a long time with me building up his mojo to eventually flutter to nearby greenery.

After researching, I learned that local toxic pesticide spraying was the cause of the butterfly's downfall. Most likely he just passed out from the poison. Folks who chose to cater to the americana brainwashing of a "perfect lawn" are the roots of this evil. If you don't like mosquitos, use repellent spray on your body. When we kill seemingly unwanted bugs, this hinders the lives of so many more creatures. How do birds feed their babies? How do plants continue to thrive?

This event reminded me about how we need to stay active, alive, and awake to our universe. It's not about me, its about how I see myself in my environment. Maybe this butterfly was a sign for my soul, or maybe it was a wake-up call to address complacency. Either way, as an artist, this fed my brain and heart with some much needed inspiration to keep on.


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