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now is better than then

Born young,

inherit an old soul.

Grow old,

reverse to a youthful soul.

Perhaps that's a solid balance, but it's something I've been thinking about. I'm pretty sure I've been around the block a few times before I got here. Some people are born with new souls, allowing their body and soul to age as one. Perhaps a fresher soul has more freedom and less hesitance. I have friends of all physical ages with souls of all years. Perhaps if you're born with an old soul, you focus on the reversing. Does your old soul, grow older? Or does it pick up some traits from the fresher babes. The body ages, but maybe your soul learns how to rewind time. I think getting younger with age is cooler for the soul, not the body. Does this make sense? Society likes to laugh at the naivety of young people, yet we pay to keep our looks youthful. This is just a free writing moment, but I bet it may strike a chord with you.


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