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Nowhere but Everywhere

You become what you repeatedly do. Often I fall into such isolation at my studio, purely painting, working sales, and trying to squeeze in productivity at all hours of the day. But honestly that's fucking madness, and I'm quite away of my mania. Get a life I tell myself, but truthfully I love my weirdo life.

Since COVID exploded, everyone's perspectives have been altered. We are still in the weeds, but slowly finding some light, yet it's still hard to grasp reality.

A week back I had the soundtrack from Practical Magic playing while I was working. The song "Nowhere But Everywhere" came on which brought forth all the 1990's nostalgia, but lyrically hit me hard. What a fucking good combination of words.

Around that time, I worked with the photographer Robert Butcher for an article in his upcoming independent magazine, and he sent me a few extra images that didn't make the publication cut. The first image made me totally connect with the "nowhere but everywhere" phrase. So, printed it out and use it as a palette during my work day. Guess I became what I repeatedly did.

Usually I am sardonic about most cheesy artist stereotypes, but perhaps I fell into that category at the moment. Either way, made a funky image. Completely depicted that day, and will be nice to look back at.


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