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painted patches

The Canadian tuxedo, eh? A denim ensemble that really never goes out of style. Admired my mom watching her paint for hours, simply wearing her paint-splattered denim button-up. Full circle, baby! But now, I'm on a patches train; absolutely love the collection of images and collage style - especially when painted on! This skirt and top are hand-painted with monochromatic patches - gotta love it. No matter what season, I bet you own a blank pair of denim jeans, shorts, skirts, tops -- point is, spicing up your basic denim with a painted patch is such a fun way to express some creativity. Many clients love to send me their perfectly-broken-in jeans to have a couple of patches painted - or even the Full Monty. If you order a new custom piece, I source 100% cotton, non-stretch denim, usually a classic Levi's. This skirt is up for grabs and you are more than welcome to special order something just for you.

When you're rocking a monochrome look, I usually demand a pop of color. I mean, I love A LOT, so thats me, but a touch of funk in accessory is all the rage. This painted fanny pack is my current go-to bag. Intentionally made this for a client for a styling gig, but ended up keeping it for myself (which is a total rarity) but it's the a winner for me at the mo. I do have to note the addition of The Cool People artist pin to this leather bag - a total A+ choice. You can purchase one here to add to your fav denim jacket. Is less more...still debating!

Shooting photos outside is mega weird as I am VERY dedicated to wearing a mask. Taking it off for a minute or two to catch a shot seems acceptable, but don't fear, this lady has her MASK on check. If you still need masks, I got you.


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