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December 2021

Spending most of this month at my FLA studio, and quite grateful for the travel. My childhood home is always good for the soul.The original 222 of my heart.

Past week or so, filled with process on new paintings, planning upcoming projects, tattooing, & shipping out magic. Spending the majority of December here, so using all my time to help out my family, paint, and experience beautiful days.

Our little purple cottage by the Gulf of Mexico is the perfect place to unwind and reflect. The art I'm making here is filled with color and joy. Lots of love to go around. Thankfully my work as an artist and e-commerce biz runner allows me to cater to my clients even when I'm away from my NYC studio.

Recently been shipping out the Talisman of The Cool People necklaces and Divine Duality Cuffs. One special delivery to a client with a 14k gold necklace, plus gave her a new tattoo! Meanwhile, I've been a shipping machine - so happy to be able to send out so many pieces of jewelry. Restocking asap!

As Christmas comes around, I checked making a jell-o mold off my to-do list. And of course, executed it in proper vintage fashion. True mid-century vibes. Strawberry and mint in lime jell-o was up on deck, and it was surprisingly delicious, especially with whipped cream on top.

We are the conductors of our lives, so this month I spend silent moments reflecting on transformation & time. 2022 is going to be fuckin divine, and I know every year is going to be just fine, with that truth in mind. As a pro-archiver that I am, pulled up some older photos to remind myself of what was and what's to come.

Color is everything to me, so this past Thursday I had a little pink throwback gallery in mind. This energy is what is bringing me forth in 2022.

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