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raised by killers

Raised by killers -- my parents, Tim and Trish are my original cool people. I have a special relationship with them as they are not only my best friends, but they are the ultimate influences in my life. Perhaps we even all knew each other in past lives. I'm equally my mom as I am my dad. The three of us are an excellent team (plus our pride of cats.) They are hard-working, outlandishly talented artists. Both renaissance people to say the least! Mom created countless art-based businesses and my dad, carpenter extraordinaire & a dedicated dude to whatever he was doing! No matter what gig we had going, they taught me how to be innovative, street smart, and honest -- while knowing how to take proper care of all of our paintbrushes. Plus they instilled my deep love and extensive knowledge for movies and music from all eras.They are KILLERS!

One of my past dada-influenced designs, entitled Raised By Killers, is a salute to my 'rents. The phrase is dark, twisted, and double in meaning. Tim and Trish taught me the importance of stickin' it to the man for the right causes and reasons at a young age.

Our little purple house in Dunedin, FL is a natural fairyland with a peace sign hanging above the roof. Bees and birds always at the ready. Grew up along the Gulf Of Mexico in the most kitchy little tourist town, there was something charmed our bungalow. Three of us, all doing the peace sign. 222 was the magic number. All three of us always had paint on our clothes.

Our 1930's home is quaint, colorful, and really lacking doors. We are a pretty open fam. Mom's a wiccian and Dad's a rastaman. Both artists with total quirky, opposing styles. Our house is filled with estate sale treasures and meaningful heirlooms. They moved to FL in the early 1980's, found this house, & lived for rock'n'roll, weed, tequila, and love! I grew up here, and I think they did too.

When I am home, I bask in the outdoor space, my ridiculously cool tree house (now art studio storage--go figure) and old school garage space. I have the luxury to paint anywhere and everywhere! My dad (goes by Packy Boy) and mom (goes by Main Bitch) have grown the gardens from hundreds of rescued plants and expanded the jungle using 0 pesticides and keeping the compost box thriving. My hippie parents know how to make a cool ass cottage. We have a studio space outside of our house that's my mom's domain, and filled with trinkets, all excellently labeled in boxes galore.

As an artist, where I came from is highly important and private to me. It's full circle. You always wind by up where you started from. Cat Stevens, the prophet, and one of my favorite musicians has a song called, Sitting. The lyrics embodies the nostalgia and feelings of home and family for me. I find that my connection with my home and parents is weird and rare. It's like we live in our own little world when we are all together. Ask anyone who knows them and me -- it's pretty cool. I am a highly sentimental person, and it's so crucial to live in the moment to embrace what joy you have around you. Man, life flies by.

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