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raised on rock'n'roll

I've been saying this phrase for years (thanks to my killer parents,) so when I heard Strange Majik's signature song with that title, I completely enthralled. Frontman David Pattillo, the psychedelic, rockin' Village visionary, is speaking the truth from my soul (and so many others.) Such a cool dude and an iconic jam, I'm a huge fan. Mad respect.

My friend Chris made a custom vinyl for me, and hand delivered it from the UK. Grateful for him for honoring Strange Majik and aligning him with true legends. The playlist captures my studio vibe completely. Of course, Raised On Rock' N 'Roll headlines the record, followed up by Hendrix.

Finally got my double record player x speaker system set up with four shelves of vinyls at the home studio. One player is for connection to the speaker, you know a bit modern and ideal for neighbor-waking loudness. The other is a 1960s children's suitcase player that just has the most raspy, gorgeous sound to it. You always need options.

I was fucking lucky as ever to have Strange Majik perform live at my solo show, Storm Ritter Experience in 2018 and at my studio. David is the man! You can check him out on spotify & itunes and he plays live through Manhattan on the reg. Give him a follow on instagram to keep up with his majik.

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