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rising sun

Holy cow, batman! This jacket is a new heirloom if I've ever seen (or made) one! Gorgeously groovy painted leather jacket, this is truly a statement piece that's outta this world. Worked on this garment for a solid amount of time, adding layers of colors, concepts, and moods. Building something valuable takes many parts and many ideas. A constant in the process however was the music choice that seemed to play while I painted on this guy. Always been a fan of The Animals, especially their most popular song, "House Of The Rising Sun." Their Best Of record was always on the table, and I perhaps was too lazy to change vinyl (or even flip the side!) Ergo, this song took the thematic wheel on this work (and titled itself on the back.) Shop this jacket!

Ugh, whatta classic -- melancholy, angsty, and dark. A reflecting rock/folk song, it's a hauntingly bluesy anthem. Interpretations can be literal or metaphorical, ya know? Don't we all spend a time time spending out lives in "sin and misery?" I mean, forewarning, life can throw you some shit! Listening to this song on repeat made me want to pack a patched-up suitcase, throw on a single leather jacket and take a train -- anywhere! The song (and jacket) takes you to another world, huh? Makes you feel like another kind of person? Maybe. Regardless, this is the jacket I'd bring on my journey if I headed off to embrace a psychedelic house of rising sun.

The details on this jacket appear endless (...or are they?!) Numerous of layers and lots of fun. Little phrases are intertwined with variations of The Cool People with saturated color moments. The more you wear it and the more it ages, the cooler it gets. You know how really epic vintage items happen to be expensive? Age creates beauty and value - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

When wearing this jacket, honestly a pair of black jeans and solid color tee would do the trick. But in true personal fashion, I snazz it up with complimentary kicks, shorts, and a chapeau! The shoes are customized Vans, shorts are painted and patched up Levi's and the vat is mint condition vintage! I do have a few duplicates of that hat (wholesale vintage guru) and of course, special order is verrry doable for you! Just send me a message and I'd love to make you something that makes you feel you've owned it for years and it's passed down from your second cousin who used with trip on acid with Dali and Gala.


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