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Had the honor of tattooing my friends Brooke and Dani, adding little rock'n'roll cool people to their arms. Grateful for the trust and love - such a lovely spiritual experience. Tattooing is a serious practice, requiring sanitation, practice, and focus. I am taking on the skill purely for fun, but ensuring safety while taking the essential steps for health licensing.

And, I'm incredibly flattered & inspired by how many people have inquired to book a Cool Person tattoo appointment. I am in my first year of self-taught tattooing, and it does help that I am an artist to begin with! I am in process of receiving my license, so anyone receiving a tattoo at this time by me is purely based on friendship and trust. This is purely a passion hobby, aiming to grow and share my artwork with friends, old and new. It's all about an experience - that's what a special tattoo is, right?! I am working from my home studio in the West Village, ensuring all necessary sanitary practices. Stay tuned.

In the past, I have tattooed friends and family. One of my favorites are the added Cool People to my dad's current tattoo. Three little rockstars framing his piece.


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