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Taking Care Of Business vs. The Cool People. Thanks to Elvis, the TCB acronym is commonplace in my terminology, but TCP has been a new norm as well. Simply put, all my files and folders about The Cool People are labeled, "TCP." Thinking about it a bit more, TCB is similar to TCP -- but, Taking Care of People.

The Cool People in my art are ambiguous. They are spiritual forms, open to interpretation. But one thing I do say about is that they care about things. And they take care of business! It's way uncool to be passive about life. The Cool people represent confidence, coolness, and care.

Shop the exclusive enamel lapel pin - pretty classy 'to & cool. Emphasis on the cool, ya dig? You can buy the artist pin, here! can't mention the king without adding a music tribute link. So here's a little adorable number from my favorite Elvis era.

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