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origin of the cool people

As an ambidextrous artist, The Cool People were birthed through a practice of emotion with motion painting. My right hand forms the technical structure and the left hand contributes the organic movement. Just like with people, you can't plan how they will unfold. And not one person is identical. 

Cool is authenticity and confidence. Cool is knowing the power in the self and the power of good people. Cool is disregarding norms to use your own brain. Cool is saying fuck it, and dancing to the beat of your own drum. Cool is knowing when you need help. Cool is empathy. Cool is loving all the people in your head.

The Cool People are storytellers and truth speakers. Ambidextrous painting gives me a freedom to paint with my unconscious and conscious, hand in hand.  When I paint openly, they can answer my questions and school me with insightful reflection. They visualize my inner dialogue. 

Two hand jam! What life they bring when The Cool People come together. The burst of unified movement showcases the POWER OF THE PEOPLE! When we all move together, we rise up for what's right. They speak when I can't seem to find words.

The Cool People keep the ego in check. As surrealist motifs, they are embedded in almost all of my work, unintentionally and intentionally. Good luck charms, they are! When wearing their image, you represent cool. You're representing a confident you.

The Cool People stand for something. They adapt and reflect the current state of our world. How they translate is honestly intimate to you. I don't identify them by gender, race, or age, but solely acknowledge their authenticity. It's always up to you how you identify.  Learn more about The Cool People.

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