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the crossover

You got one life. Live it. Not to force that into your face, but take a second!! Or maybe you will have more than one life, but we have no tangible clue. Sometimes when a moment in my day is REALLY GOOD, I mean even if it's simple, I do a mental photo. Literally make a *click* in your head, and store it away in the brain file cabinets. Maybe a little Cam Jansen of me (any 80's/90's kid would recall) but regardless it's a promising practice.

Few days ago I was running and noticed how trees were shaped like figurative people. When I passed trees, I imagined how body parts would extend from their twisted extremities, creating inviting shapes. Raising energies and lifting up. Transcending the ground. Not sure if that moment directly influenced this piece, but I feel a connection, somehow. Everything has a reflection, transcendence, and change. This moody painting captured my mindset that day, bringing a sense of safety in the unknown.

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