the cool cats

Venus Ginger, Orbiter Sky, Thunder James, Jupiter Rain, Luna Marie, and Lavender & Indigo Moon are my core feline siblings and eternal pride. Each one played and plays an essential role in my family dynamic. And of course, my studio cat, Velvet, is the heart of my wacko world. When Manhattan comes to visit her Florida cousins, she's brings the cool to town. No matter what kind of animal person you are, I hope you can understand the bond you have with your pets. Vel is six now, and she's my 24/7 partner in crime. Travels with me and is basically my guard girl. She's the coolest and my muse. Normally, she's around to help pick out a paint brush, but I recently incorporated her into art. The Cool People gained The Cool Cat. Only a few pieces made with this concept in mind, and still in stylistic development, but gotta say, she loves the attention. (She's a Leo.)

And no surprise, let's make these Cool Cats divine as ever. Classic.

Three is the magic number for me -- so of course, Three Cool Cats is the way to go. Hey man, these crazy cat chicks are cool. Shop The Cool Cat pieces or special order something inspired of your own.

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