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Witch, Wake up

In the past few weeks, what transformation has occurred.The straw that broke the camel's back was the passing of my family's feline, Jupiter Rain.

He was my empathic baby brother, last to join our pride in the spiritual universe. My divine-5 feline siblings sparked the witchy magic of my soul. Venus, Orbiter, Thunder, Luna & Jupiter were the dream team of familiars. Joop was the Rain Man of love. And, grief is the price of love. Velvet will miss her gentle-footed mentor, but my soul is so deeply grateful. Still, it’s so fucking shitty. My five cats growing up were not pets, but members, familiars, counterparts to our lives. And the loss of our last divine creature was a wake up call to my role as a witch.

Thet term, Witch, means crafter or energy, curator of self, and controller of self-spirituality. Growing up with my five cat siblings, mom as a Wiccian, and dad as a Rastafarian guru, our world was run by energy of all sorts. It's time I started embracing my gypsy heritage that seems to unconsciously come out in my artwork.

Now that's it's September, I conjure up a fall cleaning. My studio apartment wears as many hats as I do, so chaotic organization is mandatory. Snapped some photos after my cleaning session to archive this moment in time.


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