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women of venus

Bad ass bitches from Venus! Female forces have so much strength, and it's time we keep moving to the forefront. Women get shit done. Amidst our world's chaos, don't you just wish you could switch up your planet? I was recently watching one of my fav absurd 1980's flicks, Earth Girls Are Easy, which inspired the campy mood and vibrant color palette of these pieces.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. And, what does Mars represent? In palmistry the Mount of Mars resides near your thumb and it can delve into how you deal with aggression and handle your temper. But woman too can house quite a marvelous amount of Mars. But perhaps, using different methods of madness.

The paintings and illustrations of The Cool People throwing up the bird started after the first presidential debate. Go figure. First some painting with India ink then moved to acrylics. The images created new canvas pieces and spawned a a few empowering artist buttons.

My first cat and loyal best friend was named Venus. She lived to 18 and was a fierce, take-no-shit bitch! My pride of cats growing up were my siblings, and she specifically taught me how to be feminine and dominating. So that name hits home for me more than just the goddess or planet. Now, Velvet and I are bad ass bitches under the spiritual reign of Venus.


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