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"Capricorn Moon" Painting on Canvas (24x36")

"Capricorn Moon" Painting on Canvas (24x36")


An otherworldly escape into the realm of the Capricorn Moon ––– a window into the divine. The zodiac, Capricorn, is often associated with opinionated & powerful personas. This story emphasizes an earthy sharpness, moreover, a keen sense of moving upwards. Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, brings forth elevation with a focus on angles & edges. There's a direct-to-the-point essence when it comes to decision making, as Capricorns are innate leaders. A dramatic sense of depth is highlighted, allowing the viewer to explore the intricacies of this ethereal universe.


"Capricorn Moon" NYC - 2021

Stretched Canvas -  24 x 36"

Acrylic, leather paint on canvas

Gold painted 1.5" Sides

Satin varnish finish


*The satin finish has such a luxurious quality in various lighting. The texture of the piece picks up shadows and reflects light just enough to create a sense of indulgence.

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