"Drive-In Movie" Framed Painting

"Drive-In Movie" Framed Painting


Drive-In Movie

22.5" x 1" x 28.6

Acrylic, tape on paper

Professionnally framed, black matte

Brown paper backing, small rips

Signed on back


May be one of my favorite story-telling works, and I have kept the framed piece in my personal collection for too long. But, it's too rock'n'roll not to share. There's something very rare and organic about the moment, and it's been professionally framed. The painting appears black and white, and there are a few small robins-egg blue notes hidden within. There is also a piece of tape in the upper corner from where I taped it to my process wall in my studio, and it became essnetial to the final product.


If you have any questions, please drop me a line. 

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