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Cirque of The Cool People

807 Washington Street, NYC

September 29, 2022 

The solo show and collection is a showcase of spiritual spectacle in a surrealist universe. “Cirque of The Cool People” invites the viewer's soul into an immersion of phantasmagoria –– with mystical imagery and theatrical composition. The artwork acts as a guide to transport people into a space of divine magic. Using esoteric symbolism and applying theatrical scenic design, the “Cirque of The Cool People” is an invitation to escapism and self-enlightenment. The collection encourages the viewer to apply personal didacticism to feel fantastical liberation apart from the structure of realities of life. 


The Creation

"Cirque of The Cool People"

This body of work was primarily. created in 2022 at her home studio in the West Village. Ranging from tapestries and canvas, to wood pieces and leather jackets, the collection captures a sense of an old world, traveling cirque. The collection was focused on the spiritually traveling eccentric, allowing Storm to visualize the emotions of her current experiences. Terms such as spiritual witch or traveling gypsy are comically tossed around, but during her 2022 year, she embraced a new stage of her life: to embrace the chaos of passion and hustle.  This collection is a time capsule for the artist. 


Gallery Residency

September 2022 - May 2023 

After the opening of the solo show in September 2022, the gallery transitioned the exhibition into a 9-month pop-up gallery, starting Storm's residency in Meatpacking, NYC.  The. Storm Ritter Gallery was open daily, allowing Storm to run and paint in the space due to her success of Storm Ritter Studio


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