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Storm Ritter Studio Apparel

2015 - 2019

All fashion begins and ends as artwork. Before the opening of Storm Ritter Studio in 2015, Storm worked from her home studio designing original textiles based on her paintings. All designs started as illustrations and canvas paintings. Fabric was then locally digitally printed in large yardage from cotton blends to satin. She designed unisex patterns from t-shirts, tank and halters tops to pants, skirts, and dresses. Garments were originally made by Storm and a small manufacture team in Florida. Once Storm Ritter Studio opened, all garments were handmade in studio on the second floor with her brilliant garment seamstress, Jenny Lin. Thousands of pieces were individually manufactured and sold in store throughout 2015 - 2019. Vintage apparel was curated by Storm and upcycled with her textiles as well, using all scrap fabric to have zero waste.


Handmade Garments 

Every garment is one of a kind. At Storm Ritter Studio, textiles were used to make garments upstairs in the studio. New pattern styles were made to cater to commission orders and to expand the collection from aprons, hats, bags and bandanas to kid's clothes, pet apparel, jumpsuits, dresses and patched jackets. 

She continued to design textiles at the studio, taking inspiration from her painted apparel and the indoor wall murals, photographing pre-existing garments and wall sections to re-imagine them as new printed apparel. Creative cohesion and colorful immersion was achieved for photoshoots and styling pulls.

Storm painted canvas or fabric with surrealist stories, color compositions, and patterns featuring The Cool People. S
he focused on highlighting the most divine moment of a painting or illustration and envisioning it on the body. Every design has a concept and title, as everything should tell a story.