Ultimate Greenwich Village vibe! Painted from ceiling to floor, the brick-and-mortar storefront retail shop featured original apparel, artwork, and vintage. Everything sold was one-of-a-kind and originally created on-location. The shop hosted monthly parties, sale events, live music shows, in-house DJ hosts, and video/photo productions. We provided cool fashion and wall art, while offering styling pulls and custom orders. I also prioritized on collaborating with other businesses on 8th street, reinforcing the hashtag, #MadeOn8thStreet. Originally, the space was the home of Gertrude Vanderbilt, so I loved carrying forth the zealous energy. When I first opened, the shop was called, Graey Studio, but was quickly renamed to Storm Ritter Studio. Celebs from Usher to Miley Cyrus came through, as well as a glitterati of cool people on the streets from Bono to Snoop Dogg. Our customers always had an experience at SRS, not forgetting to spend some time with our well-dressed, studio cat Velvet. Upstairs, I worked with my talented seamstress in designing & manufacturing garments. If I wasn't managing the floor, I was painting custom clothing and canvas. My intimate staff of employees and interns were incredible contributors in growing a house of cool. The studio was bubbling over with spontaneous fun -- never a day without a polaroid shot or record spun. Our team even set up pop-ups, including community painting events with kids of all ages, At the end of 2018, I decided to close to move to a private studio in the West Village. In 2019, I hosted private shopping experiences, catered to special orders, and re-launched e-commerce. Now, Storm Ritter Studio has evolved into Storm Ritter, Inc. 

14 West 8th Street, NYC  (2015-2018) 

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