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Album Cover Art for Strange Majik's "NYC Animal"

January 2022, Storm was commissioned to design the album art for band, Strange Majik's new record, NYC Animal. The front cover features a photograph of front man, David Patillo. Storm used the photo to create a collage painting featuring The Cool People. On the back features a singular silhouette selected for the NYC Animal aesthetic. The original paintings were framed and on display at Storm Ritter Gallery in 2022-23 and mentioned in a feature article in The Villager.

Strange Majik and Storm have a long running friendship since 2016, as they first started playing at her first store, Storm Ritter Studio. They have performed lived at almost every large exhibition event she has held Downtown Manhattan. With this old school rock and roll sound, their music aligns perfectly with Storm's energy in the Village.

You can shop the records online, each signed by Strange Majik and Storm Ritter. View the limited run vinyl, here.


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