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Studio Art & Process

2014 - 2019

Storm has been passionately creating since her youth, seriously pursuing painting in theatrical scenic design from early high school into college. Since 2012, Storm went full force at her transformed home studio, painting and designing with executed plans of opening her own business. 2014, she heavily began archiving her process for the creation of Storm Ritter Studio.

Ambidextrous Mural Work

Interior & Decor Painting

Canvas & Textile Design

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Didactic Education

Video Compilation 2014 - 2015

During her college education years at NYU, Storm stressed didactic learning, so self-education was a priority. At her West Village home studio, she spent her time honing her techniques, learning about herself, and developing thematic styles. All art and fashion for the opening of her first business took place in these early days.  

Emit Time

Video 2016, Designed Est. 2014

One of Storm's most valued concept is the phrase, Emit Time. In her practice to strengthen her ambidextrous painting, she began writing and painting words backwards and forwards simultaneously. Emit is Time spelled backwards, ergo, to emit time means to make time by utilizing the duality and magic within ourselves. 

Paintings to Textiles

Videos 2015 | Gallery 2017

Canvases from 2014-2015 contributed to the designs of the digitally printed textiles of the original garments made at Storm Ritter Studio. The paintings were showcased in store and at an art gallery exhibit in October 2017 at the Arts & Craft Beer Parlor on 8th Street.

Storm Ritter Experience

April 2018

In 2018, Storm opened the Storm Ritter Experience exhibition at the Ideal Glass Pop-Up at 9 West 8th Street, NYC. The show was across the street from Storm Ritter Studio at 14 West 8th Street. Running Friday through Sunday in April, the gallery show  featured fine art, painted apparel, painted furniture from the store, and sketchbook installations. The showcase included live painting on canvas and a life-sized horse statue, music by Strange Majik, and an open storefront across the street for retail sales. 

Painting Process

Videos 2014 - 2018

Archiving the painting process was a commonplace, as she would also photograph throughout to keep divine moments lost in layers. Expressionistic and surrealist work were experimental, but eventually contributed to textile designs and refined fine art pieces. 

The Cool People

Videos 2014 - 2018

The Cool People