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Storm's most valuable soul is her feline, Velvet. Studio cats are pivotal to artists, as all animal accompaniment enriches our lives. Velvet is the creative rock and consistent presence at home, studios, and commercial spaces. She works full-time as a personal assistant and creative muse, traveling with Storm daily, quickly adapting to any environment with her artist human. 


Adopted at the 92nd & 1st ASPC as a kitten, she is an uptown girl with a downtown attitude. In the past nine years, she has worked as head shop cat at Storm Ritter Studio and at both Storm Ritter Galleries at 807 Washington Street and 38 Little West 12th, NYC  from 2015 to 2023. With a confident disposition, Velvet typically sits in the front window, interacts with guests, and accompanies Storm during all hours of painting.

The Studio Assistant 

Always by Storm's side, Velvet's professionally experienced with wet paint –  she knows how to walk the perimeter of any project.

A natural Leo, Velvet typically is center of attention in studio or gallery environments. When she's not watching her mom paint or traveling, you'll find her at the home studio watching television, searching for mice, or most often, posing in front of canvases waiting for her next cuddle.