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Velvet works full-time as my studio cat, personal assistant, and creative muse. However, you'll find Vel on her couch watching TV, cleaning paint brushes, and posing in mirrors. A very chill lady with a opinionated personality, Velvet travelled daily to Storm Ritter Studio for 3+ years to work the sales floor. In my art studio, she's quite experienced with wet paint and knows how to walk the perimeter of any project. Always dressed to the nines, Vel rocks jewelry and dresses like she invented them. Of course, her wardrobe is mostly custom pieces, but she does love to online shop. Naturally, she's a true Leo. Adopted from 92nd St. ASPCA--an uptown girl--Velvet has grown to be a striking 6-year-old, Russian Blue mix. Vodka & milk is her choice cocktail, although she prefers a night-in with a little cat nip. Currently, her favorite show is Tom & Jerry, and she's running her own wildlife restaurant from our apartment fire escape; it's all the rage with the Manhattan pigeons. Who wouldn't want to be Velvet?!