Age Of The Cool People

Downtown Dunedin, Florida   |   January - February 2022

A surrealist experience for the soul. With tarot and astrological imagery, The Cool People perform a story of creative fulfillment. Truly an esoteric journey within our ethereal world. Left to right, the mural showcases The Earth, The Sun, The Star and The Moon.

From original mock-up paintings to a 60-foot building, this piece is intended to bring forth self discovery and a feeling of divine beauty. In twenty-one days, the mural was created in an ambidextrous painting style, simply using brushes. 

IMG_5787 3_edited.jpg


Throughout the process, photographs and videos were shot by Storm and her photographer. The documentation process is just as valuable as the finished result. The visual content was used in various publications featuring Storm and recognizing the new surrealist mural in the community. 


"Solar Symphony"

Elements from the mural like the titled, Solar Symphony, are re-imagined for further creations. This example, in turn, birthed a digital NFT, new canvas work, and a pendant. The original visual is also available as a print.


Detail Visuals

The surrealist elements of Age Of The Cool People are found in the small moments. Over a thousand Cool People are embedded within the composition. Her attention to whimiscal detail is reminiscent of an old world storybook. There is added gold trim on the top of the building and the side, locking in the ethereal world. 

The gallery of images below include zoomed-in visuals, allowing you to transcend through the painting in it's entirety. Based on the original design on wood, the final mural lines up almost seamlessly: all of the landmark moments are parallel.