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Realm of The Cool People

34 Little West 12th St, Meatpacking NYC

October 2021 - December 2021

The fine art collection opens a door into another existing world around us. Esoterically led, the series invites our souls to identify themselves within. Storm paints with her subconscious and conscious in tandem to achieve organic divinity. The spiritual figures in the series are collectively named, The Cool People, a signature motif formed in 2014. They are individually birthed with the emotional left hand and structural right hand. Each uniquely spawned with duality, just like people. Their evolution allows them to ascend as storytellers in a surrealist universe, inviting us to astral project outside of ourselves.

Gallery Exhibitions 

After the success of the opening night, a second showcase event was planned, extending a solo show over three months. Noted as "a gallery of the bizarre" in the New York Post, which was truly fitting for Storm's collection, as her work falls into the esoteric and the spiritual niche. From rockstars to designers, the exhibition invited an array of downtown New York eccentrics. 

About The Collection

"One foot in the past, one foot in the present, Nostalgia rules my heart; Passion rules the mind; But above all, I’m all about being kind....they’re you, they’re me –– they’re who you want them to be. The Realm of the Cool People: an esoteric world, not out of our reach, and damn they have a lot to teach."