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"Seven of Swords (VII)" - Painting on Canvas (6x8")

"Seven of Swords (VII)" - Painting on Canvas (6x8")


As colors are associative to numbers, green is relational to seven in Storm's mind eye. In Tarot, Seven of Swords can denote a sense of warning about choices, and can insinuate a need to escape. The number seven is privy to the sign of Virgo, ergo if pulled from the deck to a a Virgo Sun, the meaning can change drastically. The painting itself has a chaotic composition, tricking the mind in dimensions. Hyper miniature in size, "Seven Of Swords" is one of a limited collection from "Realm Of The Cool People."


"Seven of Swords (VII)" 

Stretched Canvas - 4 x 6"

Acrylic, leather paint on canvas

Gold Painted Sides - 0.75"

Matte varnish finish

NYC - 2021

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