About NFTs

NFT stands for a "non-fungible token." They are collectable works of art, existing in the Metaverse (or a virtual reality space.)


As someone who recently dove into this realm, I've believe that the NFT and Crypto spaces are an ideal additional route to showcase & market art.

With NFTs, my collectors have the opportunity to to invest, enjoy, and profit in a contemporary fashion.

When an artist mints (meaning, list or upload) a specific image of work onto an NFT platform, this now turns artwork into a new product. Just like releasing an exclusive physical print, an NFT becomes a token of increasing value. And of course, crypto currency in turn is transferred back into USD. 

The Tower by Storm Ritter.JPG

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As much as I value tactile art, I am akin to embracing the future of fine art collecting and sales.


When you purchase an NFT, this grants you ownership in your virtual collection. Just like purchasing a physical work of art, buyers are able to collect and re-sell on an elevated level.


You officially enter a world of art collectors who reap the benefits of investment with an extraordinary potential for growth. 


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If you are interested in learning how to set up your crypto wallet, visit the Metamask step-by-step guide.


Read more about the boom of NFTs in a recent Forbes article, featuring my work in the NYC Crypto Art Fair.


For any questions with NFTs, please feel free to contact me or directly email