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NFT Art (2021 - 2022)

2021 - 2022, Storm has dipped her toes into the NFT pool, personally and collaboratively minting pieces of her artwork digitally. This was not only a learning experience as Storm values physical art over digital, but a productive way to connect with new clientele.


"NFTs are certificates of authenticity for unique digital or physical assets. When you purchase an NFT, this grants you ownership in your virtual collection. NFT buyers are able to collect and re-sell with an extraordinary potential for growth. If an artist mints a specific image of work onto an NFT platform, this now turns artwork into a new product. Just like releasing an exclusive physical print, an NFT becomes a token of increasing value." 

February 2023

NFT Collaboration: Orangehare

End of 2022, the NYC company OrangeHare collaborated with Storm Ritter to release an exclusive NFT on their platform. The focus was on modern day village artists. An artist interview was conducted at the Storm Ritter Gallery at 807 Washington Street, NYC. 

This NFT is a digital variation on the original painting, "Trio Design of The Cool People (2022 Original)" sold at the gallery. The physical piece was painted on loose canvas, mimicking a tarot card design featuring the classic Cool People design. 

"Solar Symphony" NFT 

March 2022

"Solar Symphony" is Storm's AR sculpture for #MakeUsVisible NYC 2022 NFT Art Show. The sculpture was viewable in augmented reality pinned on Google Maps at specific location in the West Village. View the NFT on Foundation.

Based on the "Solar Symphony (The Sun)" designed birthed in the Age of The Cool People Mural and The Sun, XIX (Solar Symphony) fine art canvas. This design came to fruition in collaboration with a digital designer with Pollinate NYC. Elements from the building mural contributed to the design on the back of spinning sun, and the background mimicked a painting Storm provided as reference. The NFT was a precursor to a brass pendant in Storm's 2022 jewelry collection. 

StormRitter_ProductDetail 6.jpg

NFT Miami Art Week

December 2022

Storm participated in the Miami Art Week Digital Exhibition represented by the digital company, Pollinate NYC, in December of 2022. Two original paintings, Aquarius Moon and The Devil, were exclusively minted as NFTs as digital spinning token, visible through augmented reality through the iPhone and showcased screens at the exhibition. 


NFT Crypto Art Fair

September 2021

Two original paintings, The Jungian Jungle and The Empress were minted as exclusive digital NFT tokens for NYC's Crypto Art Fair in Meatpacking and Times Square. They were viewed through augmented reality, best featuring Storm's NFT tokens in the middle of Time Square, visible through an iPhone camera. With artwork featured in Forbes, this was Storm's first experience connecting to a new audience with digital marketing. 


2021 - 2021

Minted NFTs

As NFT platforms technically evolved since 2021, artwork was minted on, Foundation, and OpenSea. The majority of these NFTs were individually minted by Storm and in collaboration with Pollinate NYC. In 2021, crypto currency was marketably high, bringing sales to Storm immediately. As an artist, she prefers physical art, but she was intrigued to use NFT minting as a networking strategy. 

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