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“Cirque of The Cool People” 

Storm Ritter’s collection is a showcase of spiritual spectacle in a surrealist universe. “Cirque of The Cool People” invites the viewer's soul into an immersion of phantasmagoria –– with mystical imagery and theatrical composition. The artwork acts as a guide to transport people into a space of divine magic. Using esoteric symbolism and applying theatrical scenic design, the “Cirque of The Cool People” is an invitation to escapism and self-enlightenment. Navigating the realities of daily life, the artist compares the grandiose to a circus –– depicting that fulfillment is found in emotional experiences that affect the soul. The collection encourages the viewer to apply personal didacticism to feel fantastical liberation apart from the structure of realities of life. 


Storm sculpts paint in a way to create a sensation of time. She primarily works with leather paint mixed with acrylic to create a textual depth of energy, mimicking an aged artifact. The work is naturally intended to feel as though it has transcended years, elevating an old-world association.


Featured spiritual figures are collectively titled, “The Cool People.” The signature imagery was formed in 2014 with an ambidextrous painting style. They are individually birthed with organic duality, using the emotional left hand and technical right hand. The Cool People are divine spirits around you, guides in your head, and interpretative symbols of power. They, in turn, have become the sole storytellers in “Cirque of The Cool People.”