Buy Fabric Face Masks – Purchasing fabric masks helps to cover the cost of essential worker's care packages and increase monetary donations. One-of-a-kind masks are made with our original fabrics by our team in NY.

Order 'Heroes Rock' T-Shirt – These original shirts are gifted in care packages for essential workers. A portion of the proceeds is donated to New York Cares' COVID-19 Relief Volunteer Program x Black Lives Matter Global Network. 

We are proud to update that 1750+ fabric face masks have been shipped out to essential workers & people in need so far. When you purchase or donate, all funds directly go into our care packages, monetary donations, and overall production costs. Currently masks are being shipped out in individual care packages to essential workers & non-profit volunteer organizers, and distributed at peaceful protests. 

Care packages include our fabric masks, sourced medical masks, bandanas, & heroes rock t-shirts. These have been delivered to medical centers, hospital staff, community outreach groups, veterinarians, public service workers, grocery store employees, food/service laborers, postal heroes, teams of nurses, elderly neighbors, rest home caretakers, firefighters, low-income individuals, etc.

All of the masks shown below have been donated, requested, ordered, and/or purchased. Thank you for taking care of others and yourselves - stay strong!

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