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The Cool People (Psychedelic Flame) Face Mask

The Cool People (Psychedelic Flame) Face Mask


Since we are making them in bulk for donation purposes, we can't list each individually. Please note your size and color/design preference in comments.


Every mask is 100% different.

We guarantee to ship you a one-of-a-kind fabric mask.


Reversible, Two-Sided Fabric Mask

Face Conforming Cut - Full Coverage

Covering Up To The Ear + Snug Fit


Durable Digitally Printed Textile

Double Knit Sewn

Jersey / Cotton Stretch Fabric

Hand Wash In Cold Water


If you buy a mask, you are directly helping increase the number of donation care packages shipped out! We are prioritizing essential workers (non-medical and medical,) and your purchase supports our efforts. Offering our masks online allows us to donate as many masks to people without charge. All proceeds directly fund our efforts. If you work a public service or an essential job of any kind, but can’t afford a face mask, please contact


Disclaimer: Fabric masks are not comparable to medical grade equipment, but do provide a basic protective layer on the face. If you are not an at-risk worker, choose to wear a fabric face mask to free up medical items for our front line heroes. CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering when in public. Wearing a fabric mask reduces the chance of you touching your face and spreading germs, to an extent. These fabric masks supplement disposable N95 medical masks for essential workers and give a form of protection for people in non-medical professions. Fabric masks increase the longevity of N95 masks, as most essential workers are allotted only one. We recommend washing your mask by hand daily, if used. And we encourage wearing medical grade masks (if it is accessible and not taking away from essential medical workers) in congruence with our fabric face masks to heighten the protection.


Please stay home & stay safe.

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