masks mean more

You cover your face to protect others. You wear a mask to show respect. You wear a damn mask because you care. It means something more now then it did in March 2020. Reality check: You wear a mask because people are still dying --daily. Face coverings and social distancing is an essential staple, I find myself wearing a mask when I am home alone, even it just rests at my chin. My family consists of my parents, who are both high-risk. I am beyond aware of the severity -- just because you perhaps haven't had an intimate encounter with COVID-19 doesn't mean you should disregard the harsh realities of others.

At the start of the pandemic I was heavily proactive in mask production, donation, and online commerce, which you can learn more about here. And now I have dropped more mask collections and restocked The Cool People classic face coverings. I am avid at social distancing, honestly just associating with a few people in real life, running outside, and staying home for events and get togethers. As a fashion-conscious person, I am conscious about a cool mask. My go-to is this monochromatic, reversible mask. I've been using one of these since the Summer, hand-wash daily, and it's still in mint condish.

The Cool People Unique Reversible B/W Mask

The classic cotton jersey two-sided mask, super comfortable, washable, and high quality. Each mask is original due to how the custom fabric lays. Made in NYC.

Sequin 2021 Masks are specifically made for the facade of holiday fun (even if it's home isolation) -- a durable, thick mask (still breathable) intended to bring some joy into the season. All masks are manufactured in NYC.

Silky Orange X Ruby Red Reversible Mask

Two sided, color pop masks are for an elegant add to any ensemble

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