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Sequin Mask (Reversible Blue & Gold)

Sequin Mask (Reversible Blue & Gold)


Whether you're looking fabulous at a socially distanced event or running out to the bodega, this sequin mask will catch the light! Flip the sequins back and forth to make unique blue and gold patterns. 


Comfortable and durable, the mask is lined with black jersey fabric. Each mask is made in NYC.


Size S | petite faces, young adults, fits average size snug

Width - 9"

Height - 5 1/2"

Elastic Band Straps - 3 1/2"


Size L | fuller, larger shaped faces and ideal for over medical masks.

Width - 10"

Height - 6"

Elastic Band - 3 1/2"


Face Conforming Cut

Hand Wash & Air Dry


Disclaimer: Fabric masks are not comparable to medical grade equipment, but do provide a basic protective layer on the face. These fabric masks supplement disposable medical masks for and give a form of protection for people in non-medical professions.

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