The Cool People

About The Design | 2014 - 2022

Since 2014, The Cool People have evolved from expressionistic figures into surrealist symbols. Their origin is rooted by emotion, and heavily influenced by the esoteric.

As an ambidextrous artist, Storm's right hand forms the technical structure and the left hand contributes the organic movement. Just like with people, one does not plan how they will unfold.

The Cool People Origin (Sator Square) .PNG
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New Era

After the success of  original The Cool People artwork and textiles at Storm Ritter Studio, the design elevated drastically into fine art, jewelry, luxury painted fashion and NFTs.



The growth from 2014 has been extraordinary Since 2021, Storm has taken up the practice of tattooing, inking variations of the design on friends and exclusive clients.

Moving forward, The Cool People tarot card deck will be published by 2023.