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About The Cool People

In 2014, Storm was exploring an ambidextrous style of painting, using the right hand for structure, and left hand for emotion. This technique allowed Storm to paint from her soul. With the subconscious and conscious working in tandem, just like a sculptor or pianist, an unique sense of beauty came alive. When the figures were created, Storm's clients consistently voiced them as cool. As they grew into her signature, their name was undeniable: The Cool People.

For Storm, The Cool People are the spirits around you, the people in your head, and the souls within you. Whoever they are to you, are who they will be. Divine energies and magical storytellers, The Cool People are often painted in threes, as numerology plays a large role in Storm's compositions. Each person is completely unique; never one like the other. Often, The Cool People have emptiness and holes within their bodies, representing the unfulfilled qualities all humans share. The line through their head is divine and organically inspired, alluding to the idea of a blindfold, ergo blindness is wisdom. Or, simply a hat, in which Storm dons in her personal fashion. The line is a crucial detail of The Cool People, usually accompanied by a halo. 

They protect and teach, with viewers emotionally relating to them in a plethora of ways. Evoking a strong feminine energy, The Cool People do dominate with a goddess like quality. Obviously as Storm is a female artist, the graceful power is naturally embedded, but to her, The Cool People represent everyone.

The Creation


This video shares an overview of Storm's process. Throughout the years, The Cool People have evolved in style, ranging from organic expressionism, ethereal surrealism, and commercial art with heart. 

Process Videos

2014 - 2022