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Painted Fashion

2021 - 2022

Since Storm Ritter Studio's fashion production from 2015 to 2020, she has developed an experienced style of garment painting, using high quality paints to adhere to leather, denim, and natural fibers. Wearable art has been a long time popular street style aesthetic, while also applicable for costume production. Online, specific pieces are intended as fine art products, but most commonly commissioned custom orders are ideal to cater to specific sizes and needs. 



Using acrylic based leather paints, garments are initially stripped of any pre-existing water-resistant varnish, then lightly layered with paint to keep the longevity of the artwork. Just like any piece of clothing, aging occurs, but all of Storm's current leather products from jackets, shoes, and bags are painted with a luxurious finish and long-term life span.



Storm's technique to paint denim jeans, outerwear, bags, and patches results a comfortable, versatile feeling. Typically, black, white, and gold designs are featured, but color on denim is achieved as well. Depending on Storm's intent or the client's vision, the garments are durable and washable.


Classic T-Shirts

Using specific paint for cotton t-shirts, Storm primarily paints The Cool People in classic line-up designs or storytelling moments. Washable and soft, the shirts are always signed and become an accessible piece in a daily wardrobe. Painting with bleach is often used on black or dark t-shirts, all washed and guaranteed to not fade over time. 

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