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Painted Fashion

2014 - 2019

Throughout the years, Storm has developed a refined style of painting on textiles, from leather to natural fibers. Garments of all kinds are accessible to be transformed into wearable artwork. From her home studio practice to apparel painted at Storm Ritter Studio, she has created thousands of painted garments for clients and her own street style. Anything she makes and wears, Storm in turn sells. At the studio, Storm catered to custom orders and painted her already made collection as well as curated vintage pieces. 


One Of A Kind Garments

All garments made at Storm Ritter Studio were sold in store. After the store closed in 2019, she continued to produced elevated painted jackets and shirts from her home studio for online sales. The Storm Ritter Studio painted garments previously sold on this website are select pieces from the studio and new apparel from 2019-21.