accessible art

It's one thing to create, and it's another to market/sell. Both art and fashion are simultaneously my trade. I do try to cater to clients of all ages and price ranges. Everyone should have access to art that jives with their mental state. I'm pretty split brain with business and eccentricity, but the thing that keeps me consistently productive is my passion for the process. Turning my paintings into affordable pins simply works. Similar to when you go to a museum, dig a painting, then buy some merch on the way out.

That being said, I don't go a day without painting or sketching, meaning I have endless work floating around - especially with The Cool People. Even an ink sketch translates with refinement onto a pin. There's a balance of chaos and color with monochromatic and simple expression.

Recently I have primarily focused on quality paper and smaller canvases. I love painting on woven, handmade paper. The paintbrush becomes a magic wand, carefully whisking up organic, ink images. The solo pieces mimic ripped, textured pages from a relic spell book. Each piece is an original -- stamped and labeled on the back. The work can be hung on the wall with a tact or easily framed; open to whatever makes your world work. These 9x12 paintings on paper are modestly priced from $40-$60, and I still do try to find affordable alternatives to keep a constant flow of new art for my customers. Once a piece sells, that work is gone! So re-producing the image in other forms--not just as prints--enhances the value of the original art.

So, how do I pick what paintings to use for product manufacturing, textile design, or marketing merch? It's 100% gut feeling. Sometimes I paint something, and a piece of soul appear. There's a divinity that comes from little moments in art, and the big thrill is when those visuals present themselves unexpectedly. When something strikes a chord, I re-imagine varied ways it can be shared. Rock art on your body, and there's nothing more accessible than a pin.

Ergo, I'm currently producing small quantities of custom pins featuring The Cool People with Sticker Mule. I simply take an illustration that speaks to me, adjust it to size, then place a small batch order. This way I am able to get my content out in the physical world and my clients have access to new artwork, fast! The manufacture turnaround time is stellar (especially with pandemic mailing!) and the product quality, top notch.