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Artist's Light

"Express light, not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that in the artist's brain..."

This is a quote from Matisse in 1945, and fuck does this resonate! Found it to be so comforting while heavy simultaneously. What a beautiful way to express spirituality of an artist. Same day I read this I had an aura photograph taken, and I endlessly inspired to believe in my own power even more. Maybe a nudge to the ego, but hey we all need that. Especially moody artists. So yes! I must continue listening to my intuition and follow my own thoughts. I am constantly open to opinions and big into learning, but there's something extremely valuable about our own inner lights. So fuck it, I know how to create my own fire, baby!

Just wanted to share this photo and bask in the notion that we are powerful. Although we are not the center of the world, we should make sure we center ourselves to know our brains are enough entertainment. Way fucking better than social media, right?


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