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at the core

As Cat Stevens says,"you're going to wind up where you started from." One of my favorite songs (ever) is Sitting. November thus far has proven to be eye-opening to the self. Stripping away more layers of artistry to evolve. Talking to a friend today we highlighted the need for creative people to have countless trades and skill sets. You got to wear a fuck ton of hats if you want to be an artist. One thing to make art, another thing to sell it. The key right now in the mess of 2020 is to channel unbridled strength and be open to renewal of self. Also the key is to wear a fucking mask and social distance. But that aside, it's personally an big time to unleash more from within.

In the past ten years I have domino effected myself from set design, fashion styling, wardrobe production, textile designer, retailer, staff manager, business owner, blah blah blah. Basically I'm outlining that I have grown my creative career. POINT IS, 2021 is the year ~manifesting, ya know~ that will allow me to thrive in a purely fine art fashion. And that, is where I started from.

As a kid, I was hyper creative and my parents always encouraged me to just be happy and work hard. But there are inner, aggressive voices that influenced me away from "you can't just paint a painting for a living." Ergo, I continually tried (and try) to find profitable work in creative fields. But at the end of the day, stripped down, we got a obsessive, manic woman who simply craves to paint the worlds from her mind. Sorry for the third person switch up, but just felt that jive.

With a little help from my friends, aka The Cool People, I am really able to take the puzzle pieces of my 20's and start to communicate what it's really all about. Also keeping my roots truly apparent in my day-to-day. Step back and look at your life like a movie. Watch the beginning and notice the foreshadowing and repetition. You have control of your life and every decision switches up your journey (that's how I roll.) Just like in palmistry, the when you read the hand, you always read the right as the left hand is "what you are born with." The right hand literally changes. There's a divine motion in the world, or just an existential explosion of nothing. Your call, but noting that you do have the power of change in your hands.

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